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Always thorough and complete on all models of forced air gas furnaces. Starting at $70.00 - blower wheel(if needed) extra. Best time of the year is before October!

 24 Hour Emergency Furnace Repair

Many companies advertise 24 hour service, but.. they usually fall short of what you would expect. Either you can't get anyone to call you back before the next day, or if you call evenings and weekends they want big bucks to come to your home,and then even more to do the job. Olympic heating and air offers true 24 hour service all the time and the same low rates regardless of time of the day, or day of the week. Our service call charge is usually $70.00 and it may be a little more ,depending how far you live,but you will be advised before we come out. All repairs have a one year parts and labor warranty,unless otherwise advised that time. We also carry a significant number of parts on as truck stock, and you never pay for a part that doesn't solve the problem; no guesswork here, only accurate troubleshooting, and all charges stated up-front! Your satisfaction is very important to us.

 New furnace installations

In a nutshell, quality installations for less.
  •  10 years on parts warranty; some models have 5 and 10 year no hassle replacement warranty.
  • 20 years to limited lifetime(depending on model) on heat exchangers.
  • 2 years labor warranty(depending on installation ,equipment model,and environment conditions).
  • labor warranty is always no charge, no fine print, no special conditions, no contracts, no charge period!

We offer it because:

  •  we are very confident in the quality of the furnaces we install-only keeprite.
  • we are proud of our workmanship when installing your new furnace-always by the book,no compromises in quality!

So when the time comes for a new furnace, call for a free, no obligation, no hassle (remember no pushy salesmen) quote and I promise you will be happy with our workmanship

  •  High efficiency (92.1% or higher)furnaces starting from $2700.00 installed

Our Services

Contact with us (416) 402-6435

Air Conditioning

 Air conditioning start-up

  •  Check your a/c's components, furnace fan, filters and condensation drain/li>
  • Run a/c and evaluate performance and refrigerant levels
  • Check high voltage wiring, low voltage wiring, electronic components and measure amp draw for compressor
  • Usually $ 70.00 , but if done together with a furnace clean and tune up a special combo price applies

 Air conditioning repair

Everything from parts, refrigerant, leak tests, a/c moving, coil cleaning,etc.

Tip: If you know from the previous season that your a/c has some performance issues or it doesn't work at all; for your own peace of mind, call before it gets too hot out there, i.e. in April or May.

When it gets hot out there, it gets very busy, and you might have to wait for more than a day for repairs by our company. In other words:don't wait for the last minute!!

 Air conditioning Installations

  •  10 years on parts.
  •  10 years on compressor
  •  2 years warranty on labor - no extra cost no fine print, no contracts
  •  sometimes we can install a new a/c the same day!
  •  we sell only Keeprite
  •  new a/c installations start at $2,300.00 complete

What we don't do

 We specialize in forced air furnaces,A/Cs and humidifiers.

  •  We don't work on boilers, hot water high velocity systems, electric furnaces and oil furnaces.
  •  We don't do ductwork or major gas lines .Small gas lines for a BBQ are ok.
  •  We don't install equipment that you have purchased from someone else.
  •   We don't do hot water tank repairs, but we will install a conventional hot water tank for you if you have it delivered to your home.
  •   We don't install gas fireplaces, but we will service, clean and repair them.