Air Conditioning

Air conditioning start-up


Check your a/c's components, furnace fan, filters and condensation drain Run a/c and evaluate performance and refrigerant levels Check hi voltage wiring, low voltage wiring, electronic components and measure amp draw for compressor Usually $ 70.00 , but if done together with a furnace clean and tune up a special combo price applies

Air conditioning repair

Everything from parts, refrigerant, leak tests, a/c moving, coil cleaning,etc.

Tip: If you know from the previous season that your a/c has some performance issues or it doesn't work at all; for your own peace of mind, call before it gets too hot out there, i.e. in April or May.

When it gets hot out there, it gets very busy, and you might have to wait for more than a day for repairs by our company. In other words:don't wait for the last minute!!

Air conditioning Installations

10 years on parts. 10 years on compressor(some models 10 years) 2 years warranty on labor - no extra cost no fine print, no contracts sometimes we can install a new a/c the same day! we sell only keeprite new a/c starts at $2,300.00 installed complete